About us

Four squares stating The What, The How, The Help and The Engagement Circle linking all of the square stating Outcomes for All
The Enhancing Learning Approach 

Enhancing Learning uses the following process to support children in our centre and to educate adults on how to best support children making progress in skills and learning.

THE WHAT: We work with families to determine where a child's skills have developed and to identify the next skill in the developmental sequences they need to learn.

THE HOW: Selecting the best possible way to teach the skill needed using current evidence AND adapting our teaching strategies new evidence emerges.

THE HELP: We use our Turn on Learning Framework to identify what support the child's learning system needs to make learning easier and more effective.

THE ENGAGEMENT: We love pretend play, loose parts and giving children agency - when they love what they are doing learning happens.

THE OUTCOME: In the child's own time, without frustration and loss of self-esteem, we see children blossom and show everyone their unique talents and view of the world.

The Team

We are a small family business started by sisters Anthea, Kendra and Sharna. Based in Mandurah, Perth Western Australia we have families access our fusion of education and therapy and we provide workshops to develop adults' understanding and support of children who are learning differently.

Our Speech Pathology Team

Kendra Bell-Hayes, Nicole Hanson, Kara Breitenbach

Our Occupational Team

Marnie Ricciardi

Our Physiotherapy Team

Nikki Orlandi

Our Teachers

Anthea Abbott, Sharna Marshall, Anne De Wit

Our Assistants

Mel, Dee, Terri, Willow