Turn on Learning Framework

Five sections titled Safe, Focus, Absorb, Connect, Use
Turn on Learning Mapping Tool

We all have five switches that we all need "switched on" to learn easily. These switches must work together for learning to occur.

The switch concepts are based on the most recent neuroscience findings about the complex integration of our brain and body and the environment around us.

The Safe Switch: We all need to feel safe BEFORE we can access our "thinking brain" which is essential to learn.

The Focus Switch: We all need to continually moderate our focus to engage in learning.

The Absorb Switch: We all need to be able to hear and see as optimally as possible to support our learning (or to access the appropriate accommodations to support our capacity to absorb the information being presented).

The Connect Switch: We all need to be presented with information similar to and just slightly above what we have already learned - we need to use our current knowledge to connect to new knowledge.

The Use Switch: We all need to be able to use our voice and body to show our knowledge to the world.

At Enhancing Learning we help parents and educators to understand which switches might be creating barriers for a child to make progress with their learning. We teach the children themselves about their fragile switches and the strategies they can use to keep their switches turned on to support their learning.

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Introduction to the Turn on Learning Framework