What are Enhancing Learning classes?

The place where adults get curious and children shine.

One of the centre setups for children to explore

The Enhancing Learning centre cultivates classes with limited planned content and agendas for children with fragile learning switches (where their learning system needs additional accommodations for their skills and knowledge to progress).

Critically, the classes are where the children find their community. The children who see the world like them.

Children who see others having similar difficulties as they do when navigating the world.

Children just as burdened by the unjustified and unwarranted push down of academic expectations into primary schools.

Our Enhancing Learning classes are mayhem and happiness. They have meltdowns and connections. They happen in a deliberately designed environment, where we can facilitate children to navigate and negotiate with each other. They strive to help parents and children to be able to educate the community they live in - to better understand their way of learning and connecting with others.

We give the children the concepts and tools to own and explain their diversity. We give them practice at having success when they voice their needs and preferences. We do this simply by ensuring they see all the big people in the room listen and respect their voices - both that spoken and their unspoken needs. We do this by actively seeking to better interpret what their actions are communicating when we the adults are not sure.

These classes are neither typical therapy or school constructs. They are carefully, albeit chaotically, created safe places with supporting adults who let the children lead how and where they learn what they need at that moment in time.

All it takes is courage on behalf of the adults in the room to sit back and see the  learning going on in the child's developmental system, rather than trying to exert control over their actions.