What’s happening at Enhancing Learning

Since we opened the doors to our Enhancing Learning Centre in Mandurah, Western Australia there has been a consistent focus - building a wonderful team and community who

  • value child agency,
  • embrace neurological and physiological approaches to learning, and
  • value growing great humans.

We would like to welcome new members to the EL community and offer a summary to current members of the latest updates to our new learning site.

  • Our Turn on Learning Map can be downloaded for use by parents and educators to better understand their child or students.
  • An introduction video about Enhancing Learning approach and the 5 switches we need turned on to learn.
  • Our Body Bottle resources help you to track a child's feeling of safety and their focus needs.
  • Our little shop is expanding with Handmade Pretend Play resources for you to purchase.
  • Teacher Tom is on our reading list and we love how he phrases what education and therapy should be about (we just call it growing great humans :)
"If our goal is well-adjusted, "successful" citizens, we know what we need to do. In the early years, it isn't about reading or math. It's not about learning to sit in desks or filling out work sheets or queuing up for this or that. If we are really committed to our children, we will recognize that their futures are not dependent upon any of that stuff, but rather this really hard, messy, emotional work we do every day as we play with our fellow citizens."